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How to Play

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Game Features

  • * Immersive and beautiful low poly Arctic world
  • * Plenty of VR activities and places to explore
  • * Soothing ambience and SFX
  • * Works for all resolutions and devices
  • * Save your progress across different islands
  • * Controller/gamepad support - Coming Soon!
  • # Enjoy full 360 degrees vision while roaming the Islands, wilderness, rides, and mountains
  • # Master the sky - and fly across the world in an airplane and hang glider
  • # Conquer the seas - Sail across various Islands in a ship.
  • # How about some fishing, Or may be just roam around in the landscape of arctic.
  • # Find all the characters and villagers engaged in their different activities in VR.
  • # Explore hidden places and finding events waiting for you
  • # Feel the bungee jumping, see-saw and ice sketing at different events and locations
  • # Use rope-car, ships, airplane, hang gliders to travel across different islands
  • # UFO animation
  • # Santa Animation flying upward along with his horses and sleigh
  • # Explore Xmas tree and unlock gifts for you
  • # Use the Rope way cable car and enjoy the arctic beauty from top view
  • # Fly Aeroplane to transit between islands
  • # Get ready to cook fish and beforehand be a real fisher
  • # Snowmobile experience, drive across the islands
  • # Listen to Penguins herd chanting
  • # Mama and baby polar bears
  • # Ice skating downwards the hill
  • # Shoot rocket and enjoy the fireworks
  • # Get on Hang glider and look around the people at different islands
  • # Real-feel like climbing on hill to access rope cable car
  • # Build you tent and hang with your frieds
  • # Vessel ride to take from one to another islands
  • # Walrus is calling you. Get a pic with them
  • # Access See-Saw to jump to top of hill
  • # Bunjee jumping is like never before
  • # Have seen Igloo Eskimo people. Their houses are pretty cool though

Game Description

Choose your path and adventure in this beautiful, cold, frosty arctic world! Experience amazing visuals, events, activities, tours and rides that bring out the best in mobile Virtual Reality - VR experience. Journey across the landscapes to experience uncharted parts of Arctic lands, can you uncover all of its adventures?

Immersive VR experiences anytime anywhere!.

How to play

Arctic VR is compatible with the all popular mobile VR headsets/goggles & Google Cardboard.

Tip: Shutting down other background tasks/apps may help with performance. This should result in a smoother framerate and lower head tracking latency.

Coming soon: Bluetooth controllers movements and events.