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How to Play

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Game Features

  • - Amazing Experience in Virtual Reality
  • - Real-like planets graphics
  • - Digital view and animated planets
  • - Layered animations of clouds and movements of planets
  • - Glowing Sun with solar flames
  • - All Planets and their satellites
  • - With Audio Commentary and facts information window/boxes
  • - A realistic distance between planets
  • - Relatives sizes of planets and satellites
  • - Free Update!

Game Description

Have you ever wanted to explore our Solar System? To be able to fly between planets, look at their surfaces and learn more about them. Well, now you can with Our Solar System VR.

Solar Space Exploration is Virtual Reality journey through space in our solar system. A 360 experience, live and learn in the first person, as an astronaut, the experience of traveling in the solar system.

How to play

Doesn't matter if you like astronomy or want to learn about space this app will help you and take you to a beautiful journey of our Solar system. Explore the solar system in a virtual reality environment and learn about planets.

With the Audio and information guides of this application learn and know the plans, stars, satellites and our solar system. The journey takes us through the planets: Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. It also covers every major satellite (moons) of each planet with a close digital view.