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How to Play

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Game Features

  • - Insanely simple and addictive
  • - Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • - Find the Eternal mode and unlock to climb up in the game
  • - Clear and sharp Black & White graphics
  • - Game-specific physics model for better performance
  • - Gameplay includes bouncing in multiple directions
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Game Description

Tigdim is a perfect one-touch game!!
Bounce your way to level-up by simply tapping on display. Sounds easy? Well give it a try!

Simply tap on the screen to align the bricks and don't let the ball fall. Battle to get to the top in fun-filling one-tough game with increasing difficulty levels.

How to play

  • Keep following the ball path.
  • Tap on the screen to stop moving bricks.
  • Make sure you next jump is landing on the bricks.
  • Move along in different directions with increasing difficulty.
  • Do not take it easy, It takes time to reach at top levels.