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How to Play

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Game Features

  • - Simple and easy to play.
  • - Intuitive for all ages.
  • - More than 100 pages to Color and Decorate
  • - Many stamps and colors to Paint.
  • - Special effects, dynamic and bright colors.
  • - Pencils, brushes, crayons, patterns, different strokes and colors.
  • - You can save the Drawings and continue at any time.
  • - Colorful and cheerful screens that will attract the attention of children.
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Game Description

100% Free Coloring game for kids. Coloring will give your child great satisfaction when he realizes the beautiful things he is capable of doing alone. Develop your ability to discover, investigate and memorize. He will create drawings that will be valued by his loved ones stimulating his self-esteem.

How to use

  • The best way to learn while playing!
  • This application is ideal for parents, uncles, grandparents who want to "take care of children", "educate children", "Relaxing Kids" and "have fun and excite" with a "useful and educational application".
  • The app works on both Tablets and Phones.
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